Copy Trading “NEXT LEVEL”

(Our Signal, Your Trade)

Here at GOLDEN TRADING GROUP we do all the hard work for our clients. We analyze the markets, keep a close eye on world economy and craft the perfect signal for our clients. We give details of every trade we take including Entry Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit. The clients copy and paste the details into their trading platform from their phones and we make money together. This is “NEXT LEVEL” trading signals, with an unbeatable accuracy rate of 94%!!

We offer a monthly subscription for only $34.99, one year subscription for $249 (which comes to $21/month) .


Where the real action happens. Where growth has
NO LIMITS, where freedom is achieved in no time!)

Our professional traders analyze the market every day. We will be doing the trades for you while you can still do your day to day job or the activities you are usually doing. This a great service for anyone that is busy or someone that is very new to the industry but can’t invest too much because they are still working their 9-5 job, BUT is looking for a change! Looking for freedom to do anything they always wanted or dream of!We will be doing the trades for you!! Our team will be getting 20% commission each month from your account balance. GOLDEN TRADING GROUP is reputed for its ‘consistent‘ results.


Our team is offering webinars once a week. You can subscribe using the button below and you will always be notified of when we have our classes. Each class will teach you something different and we will show you some of the remarkable strategies our traders use. This is a phenomenal tool for you to really take your trading skills to the NEXT LEVEL! Each class is $20 and it can be paid 24 hours prior the class and you will receive the link and the code for the class.

We also provide ONE on ONE courses which are $34.99/hour. If you are interested please email us: